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Randal Corsen, Marlon Titre, New European Ensemble

Randal Corsen en Marlon Titre
Randal Corsen en Marlon Titre

(1972, Curaçao) Corsen is a pianist, composer and arranger. He comes from a family who have played an important role in the development of Antillean music and literature. He composed and arranged music for a wide range of people and projects: from Izaline Calister to the Metropole Orchestra. With his own formations he performed from Colombia to Lithuania. With the young Aruban classical guitarist Marlon Titre he now pays tribute to Julian Coco. Born on Curaçao in 1924, this guitarist and bass-player is one of the most important sources of inspiration for Antillean and Aruban musicians. Like no other he embodies the Caribbean style in which both European and African elements can be recognized. At the same time he was a classical guitarist playing bass in the Utrechts Symfonieorkest, while making excursions to jazz. Corsen and Titre together arranged various of Coco's compositions. The two are accompanied by the Randal Corsen Quartet and the New European Ensemble, conducted by Christian Carlsen, with four wind instruments and four strings.

(nov 2010)

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  • Winternachten 2011 – Winternacht 2

    Julian Coco and Curaçao: Randal Corsen meets Marlon Titre

    Randal Corsen (piano) and Marlon Titre (classical guitar) with their band and the New European Ensemble chamber orchestra pay tribute to Julian Coco, the Curaçao guitarist/double bass player, who merged European and African music into new Caribbean music. Coco not only played the double bass in the Urecht Symfonieorkest, he also recorded Caribbean records, worked with Curaçao composers such as Emilio Prudencia and Albert Palm, and played with Dizzy Gillespie. With this programme Corsen and Titre bring arrangements of Coco's music, in addition to some compositions of their own.