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Randal Corsen en Konjunto Antiyano

Randal Corsen en Konjunto Antiyano - foto Ivan Calmes
Randal Corsen en Konjunto Antiyano - foto Ivan Calmes

Randal Corsen (1972, Curaçao), pianist, composer and arranger, is known for his combination of jazz and Antillian and Latin-American classical music. He studied piano in the conservatory of Tilburg in the Netherlands. For his cd 'Evolushon' he received the Edison Jazz Award 2004. Currently he is allied to the conservatories of Tilburg and Amsterdam. With Konjunto Antiyano, a traditional Antillean quartet, he made a repertoire that travels between Chopin, Antillean classical music and Antillean folklore. The quartet also plays classical compositions by the great great grandfather of Randal Corsen, the poet and componist Joseph Sickman Corsen. The author of 'Atardi', the first and the most well known poem in Papiamento literature. With Eric Calmes on double bass, Ulrich de Jesus on kwarta and guitar and Eric Brigitha percussion.

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  • Winternachten 2006 – WINTERNACHT 1

    Chopin on Curaçao - a journey to the sources of Antillean music

    In 1993 writer Jan Brokken settled on Curaçao. He rented a house which had a piano and he spent his first night playing some of Chopin's mazurka's. The following morning he was embraced by his neighbour who exclaimed "I heared you play the piano last night and you were playing our music." That was the beginning of a fascination that led Brokken from Curaçao to Aruba, Cuba, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Trinidad, where he found the same musical patterns everywhere. He collected and took with him a wealth of stories and anecdotes from unique musicians . In Waarom elf Antillianen knielden voor het hart van Chopin (Why eleven Antilleans kneeled before the heart of Chopin), Jan Brokken's latest book, he illuminates one and a half century of Caribbean music. 'In the Caribbean music', he writes, 'I found what I was looking for in my travel stories: that is how different cultures merge into one another.' Using this music as a guideline Jan Brokken offers an unique insight into Antillean history, its way of life and the mentality. This evening you can listen to the story of Jan Brokken and to the music of the Konjunto Antyano quartet, directed by Randal Corsen. Dutch spoken.