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Rachida Lamrabet

Rachida Lamrabet - foto Koen Broos
Rachida Lamrabet - foto Koen Broos

(Morocco, 1970) won the 2008 Flemish debut prize for her novel Vrouwland (Woman's Land; 2007) about migrant youths dreaming of a better life. In 2006, her story Mercedes 207 was awarded the Kif Kif Literature Prize. Her second book, A Child of God, was published in 2008. As in her debut, issues such as identity, religion, migration and the position of minorities in relation to the majority play an important role. Her novel Vertel het iemand (Tell Somebody, 2018) deals with the forgotten - or rather, deliberately concealed - role played by Moroccan soldiers recruited by the French to fight in the First World War. Lamrabet is a member of the writers' collective Fixdit, which aims to raise awareness of gender inequality in literature and expand the literary canon with work by important female authors.

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  • Winternachten 2009 – Winternachten zaterdagavond

    The Language of my Heart - Tamazight

    In the programme 'Taal van mijn hart' the three authors - Ahmed Essadki, El-Mahdi Acherchour and Rachida Lamrabet - read and talk about the role of Tamazight or Berber in their writing. Berber is spoken in Morocco, Algeria and Libya. During this programme a fragment was shown of a documentary on Essadki. In addition the new novella Landwee (Land Woe) by Acherchour was presented. The programme was hosted by Asis Aynan.