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Pearlmira Vincent

Pearlmira Vincent - foto Bas Kuijlenburg
Pearlmira Vincent - foto Bas Kuijlenburg

(soprano) was born in Sierra Leone. In 2003 she started studying classical voice performance with Eugenie Ditewig at the Utrecht Conservatory. She studies with Charlotte Margiono (voice) and Lieve Geuens (jazz), and has done masterclasses with, among others, Kurt Equiluz and Peter Kooij. She sang solo parts with various choirs in Sierra Leone, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. A highlight was her performance in "Let's have peace please" by Henk Alkema, which he composed on the occasion of a visit by queen Beatrix to the Utrecht Dom. Pearlmira likes to work a lot in contemporary music too. she sang solo parts in the opera "Smeltwater" by Tom Dicke, "Huile Vierge" by Jelte Heringa, "The Jetsetter" by Anne Ku, "Quattro Stagioni d'Amore" by Robert Loeber, conducted by Henk Alkema and "De Onwankelbare" by Caroline Ansink with conductor Marcel Sijm, conducted by Jussi Jaatinen. In 2011 she could be heard in "Les Spectateurs" by theatre company OMSK in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria. In addition Pearlmira Vincent is a dedicated and skilful singing master.

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  • Winternachten 2012

    Winternachten Lecture

    With: Bas Heijne, Helon Habila, Henk Pröpper, Jan Brokken, Pearlmira Vincent

    Literature as a Way of Seeing
    Nigerian journalist/writer Helon Habila opens the festival with a lecture about literature as the art of seeing. Those who witness injustice can look away or walk away. A real writer, argues Habila, can't, because the writer is fascinated by that image and haunted by it until he writes about it. How can literature sharpen our view and increase our empathy? How do fiction and truth relate to each other? In his new novel Oil on Water, Habila exposes the abuses surrounding oil drilling in Nigeria without wagging his finger. The novel won a lot of praise and has been compared to Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Soprano Pearlmira Vincent will sing an aria by Antonín Dvořák. Henk Pröpper, director of De Bezige Bij publishing house, and former director of the Dutch Foundation for Literature, will officially open the festival. After Habila's lecture Bas Heijne interviews the writer and chairs a discussion with Jan Brokken and Helon Habila. In English.
    Mansoura Ez Eldin (Egypt), had to cancel her performance for family reasons.