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Pauni Trio

Pauni Trio
Pauni Trio

is unique in the Dutch music scene. The trio specializes in Bulgarian polyphony and is known for its fresh and innovative approach to folk music. Their singing begs comparison with the famous Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares. The musical background of the Pauni singers (Marielle Winter, Iris Ficker, and Juliëtte van Dijk ) ranges from classical and world music to alternative rock, but regardless of the trio's performance style (a cappella, with accordion, or with Orkestar), its razor-sharp Bulgarian singing remains the unmistakable core. A great variety of vocalizations are typical of this Bulgarian sound: complex ornamentations, long glissandos, and shrill antiphony. The irregular rhythms can also easily throw you for a loop. The three singers like to break new ground by seeking collaboration with other disciplines and in other musical styles. In their latest show Melk & Honing (Milk & Honey), they combine Bulgarian music with Dutch lyrics. Pauni Trio has released two albums: Pauni Devojka (2009) and Melk & Honing (2013).

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  • Winternachten 2015

    Opening Night: Free the Word!

    With: David Van Reybrouck, Dinar Rahayu, Farah Karimi, John Ralston Saul, Joris Wijsmuller, Karl Ove Knausgård, Leela Corman, Mano Bouzamour, Manon Uphoff, Mohammed Benzakour, Nelleke Noordervliet, Pauni Trio, Petra Stienen, Razan al-Maghrabi, Ton van de Langkruis

    A special opening night featuring a keynote speech by Karl Ove Knausgård, the Oxfam Novib PEN Awards for Freedom of Expression, a debate moderated by Petra Stienen, and concluding words by David Van Reybrouck.

    Freedom of speech and the power of the word are central issues on the festival's opening night. The president of PEN International, John Ralston Saul, will introduce the Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård, who delivers the keynote Free Word Speech. Farah Karimi, director of Oxfam Novib will announce the laureates of the prestigious Oxfam Novib PEN Awards for Freedom of Expression. The awards honour writers who seek out and propagate the truth, sometimes at the risk of their own lives. Razan al-Maghrabi was one of the laureates, who could be present at the festival to receive the award. After an interview with Manon Uphoff (president of PEN Nederland), there will be adebate, moderated by Petra Stienen, on religious extremism and the value of provocation. Panellists include writers Mohammed Benzakour, Mano Bouzamour, cartoonist Leela Corman and Dinar Rahayu (Indonesia). David Van Reybrouck rounds out the evening with one his poems. After the programme, Writers Unlimited chair Nelleke Noordervliet and Alderman for culture of The Hague Joris Wijsmuller adress founder and festivaldirector Ton van de Langkruis on the occasion of the 20th edition of the festival. This event was put together with the collaboration of PEN International, PEN Nederland and Oxfam Novib.