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Paul de Haan

Paul de Haan
Paul de Haan

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(1958) is fiscalist, oud partner van Price Waterhouse Coopers, zelfstandig adviseur en traint - op verzoek van het Internationaal Bureau for Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) - belastingdiensten van ontwikkelingslanden. Hij is verder bezig om samen met het IBFD een fonds op te zetten voor ontwikkeling van belastingacademies in ontwikkelingslanden. Zijn ervaring ligt vooral op het gebied van internationaal fiscaal recht en hij heeft in die capaciteit veel Amerikaanse bedrijven geadviseerd.

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  • Welkom in belastingparadijs Nederland

    Welcome to Tax Haven The Netherlands

    With: Esmé Berkhout, George van Houts, Paul de Haan, Sheila Sitalsing

    Why is The Netherlands called a tax haven? What about the deals that the Dutch government makes with multinationals on taxes, and what are the consequences of these deals for poor countries?

    Journalist Sheila Sitalsing discussed this with a number of experts, including Esmé Berkhout of the Oxfam Novib Tax Justice campaign, with tax expert Paul de Haan, and with George van Houts, a Dutch theatre maker who is known for his productions on the financial crisis and the banking world. Together with people from the practice of tax negociations they gave us a picture of how these negociations go about, and why it works this way. Rich and poorer countries are competing - in an ever more free world market - to attract companies with attractive tax rulings. At the same time it costs these countries billions of euro's. Apple, Starbucks, and only just recent the German BASF are only a few examples of companies that make use of favourable tax rulings, made up by national goverments. What happens in those negociations with these companies? Who are the people who make these secret tax rulings, and what about the democratic control on this?

    A programme in Dutch. In co-production with Oxfam Novib.