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OMFO (our man in Odessa) - foto Almagul Menlibaeva
OMFO (our man in Odessa) - foto Almagul Menlibaeva

(Odessa, 1966) plays folk music, combining electronics with authentic instruments from all corners of the globe: from the two-string dombra from Kazachstan to the nej, a Turkish flute. In addition he is an accomplished throat singer. OMFO stands for Our Man From Odessa and is the brainchild of German Popov who in 1989 moved from Odessa to Amsterdam in order to enjoy the freedom that was to be found there then. In the quintet he now performs with, Fay Lovsky plays amongst others the musical saw and the theremin, the only musical instrument played without being touched. According to Fay Lovsky Popov's knowlegde of oriental music is phenomenal. For his CDs he travelled to remote regions in Kazachstan to the Carpathians in order to record indigenous music. OMFO's repertoire takes tearjerkers from countries around the Black Sea as a point of departure, but enters into cross-overs with Arab influences, pop, jazz and Far Eastern sounds.

(nov 2010)

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  • Winternachten 2011 – Winternacht 1

    Dancing into the Night: OMFO

    OMFO (Our man from Odessa) is the alias of the Russian German Popov (1966), born in Odessa. As a composer he wrote the music for films like Borat and for video installations. The first electronic music Popov made with a band called Sputnik. Then he discovered the exotic beauty of Siberian and Central Asian folk music. In this period he worked among others with the German adventurous musician Felix Kubin and did remixes for e.g. Shantel. Since 2004 he has been with Essay Recordings. Here he made two albums, Trans Balkan Express (2004) and We Are The Shepherds (2006). Both titles are deliberate references to Kraftwerk songs. Round the latter album he toured extensively with a band in which Fay Lovsky played the theremin.