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Nicole le Fever

(1965) became a Middle East correspondent for the Dutch NOS News. She reported on 22 countries from her post in Amman, Jordan. Through her work as a correspondent she has grown to admire the people in the areas she visited. She praises their cooperation and hospitality first and foremost. "When you ask the way whole groups walk along with you and people are really relieved once you reach your destination." What has also struck her is the great respect for other religions and views on life. "You won't find anyone here who says that half of the Bible can be thrown away in a dustbin." Before her departure to Amman Lefever worked for Children's News and since her return in the Netherlands in 2011 has been working on the NOS newsdesk.

(WU 2012)

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  • Winternachten 2012 – Winternacht 1

    Family Ties

    A discussion between Bernice Chauly (Malaysia) and Edney Silvestre (Brazil) about choking family ties and how religious and cultural pressure destroy dreams and frustrate loves. Host: Nicole Lefever. In English.
    Edney Silvestre replaces Mansoura ez Eldin, who had to cancel for family reasons.