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Nazmiye Oral

Nazmiye Oral
Nazmiye Oral

(Hengelo, 1969) is an actress and a writer. She made her debut early 2011 with Zehra about a Turkish girl who is disowned because she is different. Oral has written a column for De Volkskrant since 2003. In all her work she poses one central question: what effect does the multicultural society have on people? As an actress Nazmiye Oral played in Oesters van Nam Kee, Combat, Hertenkamp and Baantjer. Furthermore she toured the Netherlands, Belgium and America with Gesluierde Monologen (Veiled Monologues). One of the monologues – about a wife who has lost contact with her husband – she wrote herself. Among other things she played in productions of the Theatercompagnie and Theater van het Oosten. She is co-founder of the artists' collective Zina Platform 'for a soft confrontation of the day-to-day somewhat harsh but beautiful life', active throughout the Netherlands in 'slum areas'. In 2010 Retour Hollandse Spoor had its première, her second play for the Nationale Toneel which she wrote with Gerard-Jan Rijnders.

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  • Winternachten 2012 – Winternacht 1

    VPRO De Avonden

    In the square in front of the theatre there is De Kas. The whole evening Jeroen van Kan talks with writers at the festival for the VPRO radio programme De Avonden Live. Visitors are allowed to peek freely and listen in. In Dutch and English.

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  • Winternachten 2011

    VPRO OVT Live

    With: Asis Aynan, Ernest van der Kwast, Marlon Titre, Mathijs Deen, Nazmiye Oral, Nelleke Noordervliet, Paul van der Gaag, Wim Tigges

    As usual the VPRO history programme OVT broadcasts from cafe Dudok as part of Writers Unlimited - Winternachten Festival The Hague. This time the programme will go in search of great expectations and Utopias from the past. Live music by Marlon Titre. Hosts: Paul van der Gaag and Mathijs Deen. In Dutch.

  • Winternachten 2011 – Winternacht 2

    Literature: The Great Whitewasher

    The writers Nazmiye Oral, Ernest van der Kwast and Ger Beukenkamp all write about family; Oral especially in her columns, Van der Kwast in his novel Mama Tandoori and Beukenkamp in scripts like De Kroon (The Crown) and Den Uyl en de affaire Lockheed. (Den Uyl and the Lockheed Affair). Oral's latest novel revolves around forgiveness, among other things. Scriptwriter and playwright Ger Beukenkamp likes to play political and constitutional dramas down to recognizable dilemmas of faithfulness, loyalty and love between spouses and their children. Asis Aynan will ask the writers about the whitewashing of (family) histories with literature and other forms of narration. Can writing be a form of forgiveness? In Dutch.