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Najiba Abdellaoui

Najiba Abdellaoui
Najiba Abdellaoui

(1981) brings poetry to life in her performances. Born in the Netherlands but partly bred in Morocco the writer became city poet of Woerden in 2010. For the VPRO she wrote a number of poems on the basis of PVV election manifesto texts, which she partly scrapped. Her career as a poet started in 2000 when she won the El Hizjra literature prize and the Kunstbende Award. Meanwhile she has performed in London Antwerp, Madrid, Berlin, Manchester, Paris and New York. In 2008 her first children's book appeared, Nasim en Natalie, which she wrote with Pieter Feller. It's a kind of multicultural kid story, in which the seven year old Nasim and girl next door Natalie discover each other's customs: from the Ramadan to the tooth fairy. In 2008 she was the first woman ever to win the Dutch Poetry Slam championship. She also acted in various poetic stage plays. Najiba regularly teaches Performance & Poetry workshops to youngsters. She studied International Business at the Universiy of Tilburg and works as a Communications Consultant with an international company. More on Najiba:

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  • Winternachten 2012 – Winternacht 1

    Poetry Jam

    An on-stage meeting of Trio Koenijn and Najiba Abdellaoui in music and poetry. They nor we know exactly what will happen. Only the frames have been set within which it is the improvisation which determines the rhythm of the encounter.