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Naïma Azough

Naïma Azough
Naïma Azough

(Morocco, 1972) came to Rotterdam at age three, the daughter of a metal worker. She studied in Antwerp (German and English) and in the Netherlands (international relations) and worked at De Balie and KIT among others. She was an editor with IKON and the Dutch Muslim Channel (NMO). In addition she wrote for the GroenLinks Magazine and was the author of two books. Het patatpantheon (The French fries pantheon: the group culture of a new generation) and Marokkanen, landgenoten: drie generaties Marokkanen in Nederland (Moroccans compatriots, three generations of Moroccans in the Netherlands). From 2002-2010 she was Member of Parliament for GroenLinks. In 2010 she left Parliament and worked as a freelance presenter and programme maker. Since then she has made a series of documentaries on elderly Moroccan women, among others.

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