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Muhammad Aladdin

Muhammad Aladdin - foto Mona Abou
Muhammad Aladdin - foto Mona Abou

(Egypt,1979) published his sensational novel The Gospel According to Adam in 2006. Aladdin, also known as Alaa Edin, has also written short stories and comic books for teenagers, as well as four other novels. Since the publication of The Gospel..., Aladdin is seen as an innovator in Arabic literature, given that the entire novel consists of one 60-page paragraph in "stream of consciousness" style. In it, he describes a society where all certainty has disappeared. Aladdin doesn't shy away from taboo in his work, and as a writer he enjoys rocking the boat. In May of 2013 he delivered a speech against the Egyptian regime at a gathering of Egyptian writers. Later, however, he refused to give a lecture because he feared that his words would be misused by the new leaders. Aladdin likes to experiment with different styles. For example, he uses a lot of slang in his latest novel about a writer of online stories, A Well-trained Stray (2014).

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