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Monir Goran

Monir Goran
Monir Goran

(1975, Kirkuk, Iraq) has played guitar and oud since childhood and grew up with Kurdish music. He went to Baghdad to study music. In Jordan, he taught at a music school. He played in the band 'l-Nagam -Alasil, which performed regularly at festivals in Amman and Zerkah. In the Netherlands, he has performed at festivals and venues including Rasa, Paradiso, Dunya festival, Global village festival and Radio 4 & 6.


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  • Winternachten 2018

    World Stories in Escamp: What am I wearing?

    With: Charlotte Van den Broeck, Francis Broekhuijsen, Monir Goran, Rodaan Al Galidi

    There's nothing better than telling one another stories in these times of selfies and Snapchat! World Stories has now become a beautiful tradition at the Dakota Theatre. This time around, the focus was on what you're wearing! Tell us the story connected with your outfit.

    Three Winternachten festival guests came to the Dakota Theatre to tell their stories. Flemish poet Charlotte Van den Broeck performed twice already during the Night of Poetry in Utrecht, and her collection Nachtroer (Night Rudder) has been nominated for the VSB Poetry Award. Poet and writer Rodaan Al Galidi interpreted this theme together with oud and guitar player Monir Goran.

    And, of course, Escamp locals as well as Haagse Hogeschool students told stories about what they're wearing. Host Francis Broekhuijsen sent a warm invitation your way! A programme in Dutch - for English storytelling, join 'World Storytelling in ISS'.