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Mohamed Magani

Mohamed Magani
Mohamed Magani

(Algeria, 1948) is regarded one of the most prominent literary voices of the Maghreb. After the destruction of his house in an earthquake, Flemish PEN granted him housing. Then he founded a PEN section in Algiers. Since then Mohamed Magani within PEN operates as a link between Africa and the Middle East. He is dedicated to fighting illiteracy, has published novels and essays and is a university lecturer in the social sciences. In 1983 his novel La Faille du Ciel won the Grand Prix Littéraire de la Ville d'Alger. Later he published among other books Le refuge des ruines, Une guerre se meurt, Scène de pêche en Algérie, La fenêtre rouge and two collections of short stories in English: An Icelandic dream and Please pardon our appearance. His work has been translated into German, English and Italian.

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