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Michael Tedja

Michael Tedja - foto Cees Wouda
Michael Tedja - foto Cees Wouda

(1971) is a writer, poet, painter and curator. He studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Sandberg Institute and has written several novels and poetry collections, such as A.U.T.O.B.I.O.G.R.A.F.I.E. (2003), De aquaholist (The Aquaholist, 2005), Hosselen (Hustling, 2009) en Regen (Rain, 2015). Briljante man (Brilliant Man) was published in 2018. This novel is a "text collage" that jumps through time and space in a mix of prose, poetry and reflections about art, literature, politics, philosophy and cultural differences between the Netherlands and Suriname.

(WN 2019)

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  • Winternachten 2019 – Friday Night Unlimited

    Artificial ignorance: Digital Failure

    In order to protect ourselves, Radbout professor Martha Larson pleads for artificial ignorance: some data must be deliberately overlooked in IT. Eight authors made Larson's idea the starting point of their performance. They looked at technology in a different, creative way. What does technology reveal about its inventor? Also, the smart thermostat, the pacemaker and Google Maps may help us, but do they also define us? And what is the value of a digital error or failure?