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Martien de Vletter

Martien de Vletter
Martien de Vletter

(1972), an architecture historian, has been employed at
the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) since 1997. From 2005 she has worked as chief curator and is therefore responsible for the exhibitions, lectures and debates programme as wel as the educational programme. As part of her thesis about F.J.L. Ghijsels, an architect working in the Netherlands East Indies between 1910 and 1927, she conducted research in Indonesia. In 1996, this research led to a book and a travelling exhibition in Indonesia. In 1997 she published a book on post-war Jakarta and the urban development of this city (Batavia: Beeld van een stad). At the NAI, De Vletter has curated exhibition on such projects as J.J.P. Oud, UN Studio, Asymptote, Dutch architecture and planning in the 1970s and the collection of Piet Sanders. In 2007 an exhibition on colonial architecture in the Netherlands East Indiens entitled 'Moderniteit in de Tropen' will be on show at the NAI in Rotterdam and later travel to Indonesia.

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  • Winternachten 2007 – Art Deko(lonisatie)

    From Batavia to Jakarta in prose, poetry and film

    The past is what has been, governments cherish hush-hush policies, but history remains alive in the family memory. How do younger generations look at the making of Indonesia? What is left of the aspirations of their parents? Has the decolonization process been completed? Young writer Nukila Amal projected herself in the time and looked at the past through her father's eyes. In addition she gave her own view on history. Roaming the streets past buildings, streets and squares the Jakartan poet Zeffry Alkatiri brought images from past and present to life. In his collection Dari Batavia sampai Jakarta, 1619-1999 he describes the eventful history of the Indonesian capital. His poems were framed by historical and contemporary film and sound material about Batavia and Jakarta. Martin de Vletter of the Dutch Architecture Institute did comment on the images and talked with Zeffry Alkatiri. Joss Wibisono hosted the conversation. Dutch and English spoken.