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Marko van der Wal

Marko van der Wal
Marko van der Wal

(Leeuwarden, NL 1989) studied classical languages at the universities of Groningen and Amsterdam. He used to work for publishing houses at Singel 262, but now works with Uitgeverij Van Oorschot. In that capacity he is on the board of the literary magazine Tirade. For the 450th edition of this magazine he contributed a tirade about his immemorial experiences with a stalker, thus making his 'debut on paper'. His weekly blogposts can be read on

(WU 2014 GR)

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  • Winternachten 2014 – SATURDAY NIGHT UNLIMITED

    Tirade against a stalker

    Editors of the literary magazine Tirade and several writers climb on to the soapbox in the foyer and hold a Tirade, as appeared in the anniversary edition of Tirade 450. Marko van der Wal aims his tirade at a stalker, who peers at him through reversed binoculars.