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Maria Vlaar

Maria Vlaar
Maria Vlaar

(Blokker, NL, 1964) is a literary journaist, interviewer, critic, and columnist with publications like De Standaard and De Groene Amsterdammer. She also works as a presenter for literary festivals, freelance editor, and consultant for writers, publishers and festivals at home and abroad, as well as president of the Association of Writer and Translators. She was formerly as an editor with the Bezige Bij publishing house and deputy director of the Dutch Literary Production and Translation Foundation. This year she's working with Winternachten as a programmer and host.


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  • Winternachten 2016

    Book Club: 'Woman' (My Struggle, Book 6) by Karl Ove Knausgård

    With: Marcel Möring, Maria Vlaar, Stine Jensen

    Maria Vlaar (who takes the place of Wim Brands, who had to cancel for health reasons) engages in a conversation with the public about Woman, the final part of Norwegian writer Karl Ove Knausgård's My Struggle series. First, however, philosopher Stine Jensen and writer Marcel Möring offer their honest opinion in spoken reviews. In My Struggle, Knausgård (b. 1968) tackles his daily battle with life as a father, son and husband. In part one, Father, the protagonist battles his late alcoholic parent; in part two, Love, Knausgård himself becomes a father and must battle his wife, Linda, and their children. Parts three and four, Son and Night, describe how he grew up and became a teacher; and in part five, Writer, he struggles with writing, love, infidelity and jealousy. Now we have part six: in Woman, he reflects on his literary project; wonders if he should have written so openly about himself and his family; ponders literature, history and Evil; and writes about his manic-depressive wife. In Dutch

    Beforehand, you can attend the English-language inteview with Karl Ove Knausgård by Stine Jensen. There is also a book-signing session with the writer at 13:45.

  • Winternachten 2016 – Saturday Night Unlimited

    Hello Brightness! In Search of Enlightenment

    Philosopher Stine Jensen had lost her way in finding happiness when she discovered spirituality. In her book Go East! she dives into the world of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. She decides to become a yoga teacher, follows the teachings of an American guru, drastically changes her eating habits, and meditates daily. Does she find happiness? Does enlightenment really come from the East? Together with yoga teacher Marieke de Lange, Jensen will take us into the practice of yoga by ending with the communal chanting of a mantra.

    This event replaces "The Source of Good and Evil," as author Mircea Cărtărescu had to cancel his attendance for personal reasons.

  • Een ontmoeting met Michael Cunningham

    Meeting Michael Cunningham

    With: Maria Vlaar, Michael Cunningham

    On 16 december 2011 the America Pulitzer-prize winner Michael Cunningham(1952) was interviewed by Maria Vlaar on his rich oeuvre. An exclusive performance for the Netherlands in Writers Unlimited The Series.

    Cunningham's most well-known novel is The Hours, which was rewarded the Pulitzer prize. Other bestsellers were Flesh and Blood, and more recently By Nightfall.