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Lucille Berry-Haseth

Lucille Berry-Haseth - foto Gregory Berry
Lucille Berry-Haseth - foto Gregory Berry

(Curaçao, 1937) felt attracted to language and culture from a young age already. This interest runs like a thread through her entire career. She always saw it as her special duty to be an enthusiastic ambassador for the 'Défense et Illustration' of her native language, Papiamentu. In 1990 she published the collection of poems Resonansia (Resonance). From this, several poems have been included in the standard work on Antillean literature 'Pa saka kara', which in Dutch, was published under the title 'De Kleur van mijn eiland'. As a translator and editor, she has provided a major contribution to both works. In 2010 she published So ku palabra (Alone with words), a poetic, melancholy meditation on her life, her work and the people she has known and loved. Through her translations of literary works (including Dubbelspel (Double Play) by Frank Martinus Arion in 2011), previous publications and organizing and participating in numerous literary events, she has made a major contribution to the development and promotion of the proper usage of the Papiamentu language.

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