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Loes Luca

Loes Luca -  foto Pieter Vandermeer
Loes Luca -  foto Pieter Vandermeer

(1953) studied drama at the Kunstacademie in Utrecht. She made her debut with the Amsterdam theatre company Orkater, acted in successful television programmes, played in various Dutch films, had her own band 'Nénette et les Zézettes', with which she performed a lot (e.g. on De Parade) and sang with various renowned orchestras. In 2002 Loes Luca hosted the public night of the Royal Wedding. In the same year she was elected Actress of the Year by the Dutch public and won the Rembrandt Award. In 2006 she was in the theatre with Moordwijven, her first one woman show. In 2007 she was nominated for the Theo d'Or and won the Gouden Notekraker. In 2011 she was successful with her roles in the plays The Hypochondriac and August, Oklahoma.

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  • Winternachten 2012

    A tribute to Hella S. Haasse & Jan Campert Awards

    With: Arjan Peters, Benny Lindelauf, Ellen van Lelyveld, Elsbeth Etty, Erik Spinoy, Gustaaf Peek, Kees 't Hart, Loes Luca, Margot Dijkgraaf, Marijn van Lelyveld, Matthijs Ponte, Maxim Februari, Patricia de Groot, Pieter Steinz, Rudi Wester, Willem Nijholt

    In cooperation with the Haasse Estate and Publisher Querido Writers Unlimited organises a tribute in the Koninklijke Schouwburg: a festive meeting in which the richness and diversity of her life and work are celebrated.

    Willem Nijholt reads from his letters to the writer and Loes Luca performs cabaret texts written by Hella Haasse. Elsbeth Etty, Marjolijn Februari, Kees 't Hart, Patricia de Groot, Gustaaf Peek, Margot Dijkgraaf, Rudi Wester and Arjan Peters tell anecdotes and stories. Her daughters Ellen and Marijn van Lelyveld will add a personal contribution to the programme, which will be presented by Pieter Steinz. Hella S. Haasse died on 29 september 2011. She leaves behind a massive oeuvre, among other books the popular novels Oeroeg, In a Dark Wood Wandering, The Tea Lords. She won many awards, including the Dutch Letters Award in 2004.

    After the interval the Jan Campert Prizes will be presented, the literary awards of the Municipality of The Hague, including the Constantijn Huygens Prize, which has been awarded to A.F.Th. van de Heijden. Erik Spinoy (1960) is recipient of the Jan Campert-prijs 2011 for his book of poetry Dode kamer (Dead room). Gustaaf Peek (1975) is recipient of the F. Bordewijk Prize 2011 for his novel Ik was Amerika (I was America). Benny Lindelauf (1964) receives the biennial Nienke van Hichtum Prize for children's literature 2011 for De hemel van Heivisj (Heivisj's heaven) the triennial G.H. 's Gravesande Prize for special literary merit 2011 goes to Stichting Perdu. Host: Trio Droomvogels.