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Lize Spit

Lize Spit - foto Keke Keukelaar
Lize Spit - foto Keke Keukelaar

(Belgium, 1988) writes screenplays, prose and poetry. In 2013 she won the jury and audience award of the Write Now competition with Ordehandhaver (Law Enforcer), a short story about a woman who decides to follow her husband for 35 kilometres after he stubbornly refuses to get behind the wheel following her accusations of drinking. Spit is one of the founders of RAW, an organization that offers young writers and filmmakers tools to help structure their workdays. With the support of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, she is working on her first feature film. Spit has published short stories in publications like Kluger Hans, Das Magazin and Tirade, and poems in Meandermagazine and Het Liegend Konijn. On January 16, 2016, the new publishing house Das Mag will release her debut novel Het Smelt (It's Melting). It's the story of Eva, growing up with two boys in her small Flemish village. Everything changes when the boys reach adolescence and give Eva an impossible choice.


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  • Winternachten 2016

    Help, It's My Debut! Literary Brunch with CLEEFT

    With: Abdelkader Benali, Bregje Hofstede, Ferdinand Lankamp, Gerson Main, Lize Spit, Peter Nijssen

    An informal literary brunch in the cozy foyer of Theatre aan het Spui, at the heart of the festival. This event is a collaboration with CLEEFT, a community of fans of film, books, exhibitions, concerts, performances, and culinary events.

    What happens to you when your first book is published? When suddenly it's in the shops, your name is in the paper and on TV, and radio and talk shows clamour to have you on as a guest? It's a great achievement, of course, but making your debut can also be difficult. Maybe there are reviews critical of your "baby." Or, worse, no one takes any notice of your book at all. This program features writers who are popular with CLEEFT's readers. Bregje Hofstede made her debut in 2014 with De hemel boven Parijs (The Sky Over Paris). Right after the event, Lize Spit will attend the launch of her first book, Het Smelt (It's Melting). Long-time publisher Peter Nijssen of De Arbeiderspers talks about how it used to be for rookies versus how it is today. He lays out the dos and don'ts for emerging writers. In the field of music, too, you can get swept up in a wave of publicity, as happened to Gerson Main, singer with the famous fur hat, who made the finals of the show Best Singer-songwriter of the Netherlands. This event is hosted by CLEEFT critic Ferdinand Lankamp and writer Abdelkader Benali, who had a dream debut in 1996 with Bruiloft aan zee (Wedding by the Sea).