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Lisa Weeda

Lisa Weeda - foto Gaby Jongenelen
Lisa Weeda - foto Gaby Jongenelen

(Rotterdam, 1989) writes prose, plays and non-fiction. Her chapbook De benen van Petrovski (Petrovski's Legs), a literary account of her trip to the Ukraine, where her grandmother comes from and a large part of her family still lives, was published in 2016. It's a story about seeing and taking chances, about generational cohorts and their uncertain future, about a country in which Weeda is unsure whether she should feel at home. In the next four years she is conducting research in and about the Soviet Union for her debut, which will be published in 2020 by De Bezige Bij. Weeda graduated from ArtEZ Creative Writing in 2015. She creates the literary program Mooie Woorden (Beautiful Words) in Utrecht, teaches at institutes like ArtEZ and the Rockacademie, and has published work in De Revisor, Tirade, Das Magazin, De Titaan and De Optimist.


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  • Uitgesteld: Eastern Europe and beyond

    Postponed: Eastern Europe and beyond

    With: Lisa Weeda, Nino Haratischwili, Sophie Derkzen

    Postponed due to measures against the coronavirus. We are exploring the possibility of presenting the program online or at a later point in time. We will inform you by our newsletter and social media.

    - - -
    The Georgian-Ukrainian Connection: talking about family, roots and defining moments in history with the Hamburg-based Georgian writer Nino Haratischwili and Dutch-Ukrainian writer Lisa Weeda. Haratischwili had her breakthrough in 2014 with The Eight Life, in her latest novel The Cat and the General, she writes about the Chechen wars. In 2016 Petrovsky's Legs by Lisa Weeda was released, the literary reflection of two trips she made to and through Ukraine. Last year Weeda directed the VR production ROZSYPNE about the war zone in Ukraine. English spoken.

    Moderator: Sophie Derkzen

    Program curated by Ilonka Reintjens (Writers Unlimited)
    Books for sale courtesy of De Vries Van Stockum Books

  • Winternachten 2018 – Saturday Night Unlimited

    Books Unlimited: Nino Haratischwili and Alain Mabanckou

    A unique opportunity to meet two international literary stars and hear about their books, which have recently become available in the Netherlands. Lisa Weeda, writer and professor at ArtEZ School for the Arts, goes one on one for a half hour each with Nino Haratischwili (Germany/Georgia) and Alain Mabanckou (Republic of Congo) about their motivation to write, the source of their characters, and the worldwide success of their books.

    Haratischwili had an international breakthrough in 2014 with The Eighth Life (for Brilka). In this award-winning, 1300-page epic, the Hamburg-based Georgian writer tells the story of the fictitious Georgian Jasji family.

    The lastest book by Congolese novelist Mabanckou is Petit Piment, translated into English in 2017 with the title Black Moses. It humorously describes the life of a boy who escapes the strict regime of an orphanage to move to the coastal city of Pointe-Noire, where he lives among thieves and whores.