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Liquid Sun Orchestra

Liquid Sun Orchestra 3
Liquid Sun Orchestra 3

Since the autumn of 2011 the spectre of Fela Kuti, the great musical legend of Africa, haunts Leiden and remote surroundings. It was then that Liquid Sun Orchestra (LSO) was founded, the group which takes Fela Kuti's rebellious musical legacy as its starting-point. LSO is a varied bunch spanning various generations and cultures. Owing to the totally diverse musical backgrounds their music sounds like Nigerian Afrobeat, with a touch of reggae, a sniff of jazz, a dash of dub, a hearty funk sauce, a shred of soul and all kinds of exotic sounds which cannot be identified. LSO consists of Lode Busch (drums), Lykle de Jong (bass), Bie Muusze (guitar), Max Anglionin (keyboards), Arno Willekes (percussion), Ego Victor Emechete (percussion), Mr Johnson (percussion), Ruud Peper (trumpet), Paul Berk (baritone sax), Olivier van Gulik (tenor sax), Hans van Scharen (alto and baritone sax) and Augusto de Campos Neto (singing).

(WU 2013 GR)

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    Dancing into the Night

    Dancing into the night with the Liquid Sun Orchestra, a 15 strong collective: Afrobeat with a touch of reggae, a sniff of jazz, a touch of dub, a shred of soul and a hearty funk sauce.