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Lily Yulianti Farid

Lily Yulianti Farid - foto Luna Virya
Lily Yulianti Farid - foto Luna Virya

(1971, Makassar, Indonesia) as a writer and journalist always tries to work from a female perspective. She published her first book, a novella, when she was still in high school. In her first book of short stories, Makkunrai (2008), the relationship between man and woman, corruption and political conflict are the important themes. When the book appeared she launched the Makkunrai Project with which she draws attention to gender related problems through literature and readings. In her second collection of short stories, Maisaura (2008), she took media news coverage and reports of women's organisations as the basis for her stories. In 2006 she founded Panyingkul!, the first Indonesian website for 'civil journalism' in which she tries to establish a cooperation between professional journalists an internet users/readers who want to report news items. As a journalist she worked for the newspaper Kompas (1996-2000), Radio Australia, Radio Japan and NHK World in Tokyo. Right now she lives in Melbourne, where she works for Radio Australia and does gender studies. Lily Yulianti Farid regularly performs at literary festivals in Asia, Australia and Europe.

(nov 2010)

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    How Literature Changes the World

    Indonesian Lily Yulianti Farid and Egyptian Abeer Soliman both have a dream. Abeer Soliman is a writer, blogger and storyteller She wants to breathe new life in the 'old' art of narration, as well as fight traditional ideas in Egyptian society about the role of women. Lily Yulianti Farid is a writer and journalist. By means of literature and the performing arts she wants to make Indonesian women aware of their subordination. Paul van der Gaag talks to the writers about the question whether literature and art can change society and how high our hopes may be. In English.