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Laura van Dolron

Laura van Dolron - foto Valentina Vos
Laura van Dolron - foto Valentina Vos

(Netherlands, 1976) expresses her idealistic self as a writer, theatre producer, director, performer and "action writer." She created her own theatrical category: stand-up philosophy. She doesn't make theatre about a better world, but makes a better world within the theatre. Van Dolron writes almost all of her own plays, and the scripts of Liefhebben (Loving) and WIJ (WE) have been published in book form. She often performs alone on stage, and sometimes with other actors. She also directs theatre performances. Since 2015 Van Dolron has performed as an "action writer," as well. At various gatherings, from theatre festivals to police workshops, she reflects live on what she observes and, with an outsider's gaze, sums up the event in clever and funny language.

(WN 2021)

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