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Lang & Gelukkig

Peer de Graaf - foto Bop Mulder
Peer de Graaf - foto Bop Mulder

A trio with Peer de Graaf. Peer began in 1978 as 'Meneertje Peertje' (Mr Pear) in the theatre. Meneertje Peertje is still active, but meanwhile Peer de Graaf has grown into an adult actor, cabaret artist, musician, host and improviser. De Graaf not only performs in the theatre, but is also active in education and health care. Together with Thijs Borsten he forms the duo Trapperdetrap which applies itself to grown-up songs for children. Every CD features a special guest star, like Mathilde Santing, Wende Snijders and Denise Jannah. The aim of the duo is to make good music which also addresses non-parents. De Graaf is an all-round performer who sings with the greatest ease, cracks jokes and tells stories. He has been doing this for a great number of years in bands, in theatres, during De Parade and neighbourhood parties.

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  • Winternachten 2011 – Winternacht 2

    Happy Poetry

    Poetry makes you happy! Allow yourself to be inspired tonight and get carries along by poets and performers Kees van Kooten, Rodaan Al Galidi (Iraq) and Marjolijn Heemstra, who get happy from poetry and want to share that happiness with others. Kees van Kooten brings the poetry of Billy Collins. Rodaan Al Galidi and Marjolijn van Heemstra read their own work. Host: rhymewriter and musician Peer de Graaf (singing & percussion) with his trio Lang & Gelukkig! (With Henk Koekkoek (ukelele & sax) and Piet Maas (double bass). In Dutch.