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Kira Wuck

Kira Wuck - foto Peter van Tuijl
Kira Wuck - foto Peter van Tuijl

(1978) is the daughter of a Finnish mother and an Indonesian father. Her 2013 poetry debut Finse meisjes (Finnish girls) was often nominated for literary prizes, among others the C. Buddingh' Prize, and was winner of the C.W. van der Hoogt Prize and the Eline van Haaren Prize. According to Wuck her poems are sometimes euphoric, but in addition they allude to a great emptiness. Everyday situations sometimes become threatening and loneliness rears its head. The dyslectic Wuck grew up in Amsterdam, but feels at home in the absurdism and melancholy of the northern countries. Wuck studied at the Hogeschool Utrecht and at the Schrijversvakschool in Amsterdam. Right now she is working on her first film. In addition she gives creative writing workshops as well as cooperating in the literary magazine Tirade. With her appealing performances she won the NK Poetry Slam and the annual finale of Festina Lente. Arnon Grunberg is a fan of hers. He praises Wuck's compact wryness and reads her poems before going to sleep.

(WU 2014 GR)

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  • Winternachten 2014 – SATURDAY NIGHT UNLIMITED

    The Text of my Life: Kira Wuck

    Which texts from world literature has Dutch poet Kira Wuck cherished as long as she lives? This most beautiful or most inspiring text can be a poem, an excerpt from a novel or a song-text. She discusses the text with the audience. In Dutch.

  • Winternachten 2014 – SATURDAY NIGHT UNLIMITED

    Saturday Night Wintercafé: Who's Afraid of Youth

    The Wintercafé is the meeting point of the festival, where writers and audiences meet and are welcomed by MC Francis Broekhuijsen. In this first hour pupils of the Lyceum Ypenburg and Dalton Voorburg secondary schools present their poems; the result of a series of workshops at school. They perform together with singer Faya and poets Bernke Klein Zandvoort and Kira Wuck. Meanwhile in the Wintercafé: snacks and drinks and Paagman bookshop sell their books.

  • Winternachten 2014 – FRIDAY NIGHT UNLIMITED

    Call me, call me!

    'Name me, name me, speak to me, o, name me by my deepest name. For those I love, I want to be called,' Neeltje Maria Min wrote some fifty years ago in one of her most famous poems. The deep longing for love and confirmation is translated tonight in music and poetry by the poets Arie Boomsma introduces to us: the onrushing young debutante Kira Wuck, nominated for the C. Buddingh' Prize, the much-praised Alfred Schaffer, living in South Africa, the Dutch Iraqi poet Rodaan Al Galidi, who is perpetually in love and the nominees for the VSB Poetry prize Miriam Van hee and Antoinde de Kom. Interspersed with a magnificent performance by rapper/poet Typhoon. 

    Programme in cooperation with Poetry International and CPNB