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Katie Roiphe

Katie Roiphe - foto Anna Schor
Katie Roiphe - foto Anna Schor

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  • Writers Series

    Katie Roiphe meets Manon Uphoff

    With: Katie Roiphe, Manon Uphoff

    A literary evening of Writers Unlimited The Series in the Central Library in The Hague, with American writer Katie Roiphe and Dutch writer Manon Uphoff.

    Katie Roiphe has earned great fame with her animated, provocative and funny book In Praise of Messy Lives. It has been named book of the year by The Washington Post and The New York Times. The interview will be conducted in English. Afterwards Katie Roiphe and Manon Uphoff signed their books at the Paagman bookshop in the performance hall.

    In collaboration with publishing house De Bezige Bij and Bibliotheek Den Haag.

    Bibliotheek Den Haag, Studio B (1st floor), Spui 68, Den Haag.