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Judith Herzberg

Judith Herzberg - 2000
Judith Herzberg - 2000

(1934) debuted in 1964 with Zeepost (Sea mail). The collection quickly found its way to a large readership – which Herzberg's poetry continued to do. Herzberg is also a playwright; she wrote Leedvermaak (± Malicious delight), and collaborated with Franz Weisz in de making of Charlotte, the successful film about painter Charlotte Salomon. Her work was awarded many prizes; in 1997 she was awarded the P.C. Hooft Prize for her poetry. In an interview she commented: 'I still don't have the feeling I am a poet. I am who I am, and occasionally I write a poem'. After Zeepost she published several more collections, among which Dagrest (The Remains of the Day) and Bijvangst (Additional catch).

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  • Winternachten 2000 – Winternacht 2

    Poetry and Displacement

    Wat will happen to you when you arrive in culture that is not your own? Hafid Bouazza, Judith Herzberg, Hugo Pos and Leo Vroman read their favourite poems on the theme of cultural displacement. 84-years old Dutch poet Leo Vroman took part by a live video-connection with the United States. Hosted by Michiel van Kempen. Dutch spoken.