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Joost Zwagerman

Joost Zwagerman tijdens Winternachten 2003 - foto Serge Ligtenberg
Joost Zwagerman tijdens Winternachten 2003 - foto Serge Ligtenberg

(1963-2015) was the author of novels such as Gimmick!, Vals licht (*Fake Light), De Buitenvrouw (± The other woman) and Chaos en Rumoer (Chaos and Noise). With Marcel Möring, Connie Palmen, Ronald Giphart and Arnon Grunberg, he was among the best read authors of his generation. Joost Zwagerman wrote for Vrij Nederland's 'Republic of Letters' and was a columnist for de Volkskrant.


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  • Winternachten 2003 – Winternacht 1

    Sermonizing: Joost Zwagerman

    'Once we were proud of Maarten 't Hart and Jan Wolkers who fought the Dutch Reformed narrowmindedness.', said writer Joost Zwagerman when he was asked about the new social engagement. Zwagerman is certainly socially engaged, since he has been fighting every kind of narrowmindedness for long. It is a logical thing that this author has been invited to give his sermon to the Dutch audience.

  • Winternachten 2002 – Winternacht 2

    Every Bakra his Own Mistress

    To add a little color to a very Dutch relation, teacher Theo from the Dutch town Hoorn, begins a relationship with a Surinam woman in Joost Zwagerman's novel De buitenvrouw (The Mistress). Surinam writer and teacher Annel de Noré, Frank Martinus Arion (Curaçao) and Zwagerman discussed these notions with the theme of the novel as a starting point. Dutch spoken.