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John Wladimir Elskamp

(Paramaribo 1962) had his ecudation in teaching, but eventually became a professional soldier. He has been writing since high school, and made his debut with the story Holland heeft ook takroesani (Holland has takroesani too), that was part of an anthology Het merkteken en andere verhalen (The mark and other stories), and in Mama Sranan : twee eeuwen Surinaamse verhaalkunst (Mama Stranan, two centuries of Surinamese storytelling) (1999) by Michiel van Kempen. In 2005 it appeared again in another Surinamese collection of stories. The year after he published stories in the collection Holland maakt mensen gek (Holland menai ke pagl kare) en andere verhalen (Holland makes people crazy and other stories). In december 2007 he published the collection of stories Roodborstje en andere verhalen.

(WIn 2010)

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  • Antillen/Suriname 2010

    Tori fu dya nanga abrawatra - Stories from here and overseas

    With: Alida Neslo, Annemarie Sanches, Bas Heijne, Bernice Chauly, Iman Humaydan, John Wladimir Elskamp, Paremeru, Reggie Baay, Tessa Leuwsha, Yasmine Allas

    For the fourth time Winternachten collaborates with a literary organisation in Suriname for the festival. This year Surinamese and foreign writers perform in On Stage, the drama school of actress Helen Kamperveen. The programme offers music, readings by writers from Suriname and by authors Bas Heijne, Iman Humaydan, Yasmine Allas en Bernice Chauly, representing Winternachten from Lebanon, Malaysia and The Netherlands. An evening full of prose, poetry, talks and music, around the theme 'A Sense of Belonging'.

    Except for this evening for a general audience, the writers will also visit schools, like the schools in the remote village of Brownsweg (Brokopondo). They will there perform together with the popular Surinamese poet and singer Dorus Vrede.

    A closed writer's conference brings the foreign writers together with Surinamese authors together to talk on writers' issues, like 'Writing local - writing global'.

    Performance in On Stage, Wednesday 21 April, 8 p.m., admission is free. Mgr. Wulfinghstraat #5, Paramaribo