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Johan de Boose

Johan de Boose - foto Koen Broos
Johan de Boose - foto Koen Broos

(Belgium, 1962) is a Slavicist, writer and actor. He made is debut with the novel Fluweel van leegte (Velvet Emptiness) in 1994. His poetry debut followed in 1996, after which he produced a novel, poetry collection, or travel book every year. He's currently acting in a monologue, Bloedgetuigen (Blood Witnesses), based on his own 2011 novel, which describes the 20th-century struggle between Eastern and Western Europe from various perpectives in 734 pages. Part three of his trilogy Het Vloekhout (Cursed Wood) will soon be published - a tragicomic story about our times, about belief and terrorism, about aging people's fear of total futility. De Boose has also curated an exhibition on Polish avant-garde artist Tadeusz Kantor, with whom he studied, and is working on a graphic novel about the Russian Revolution of 1917. In 2008, he received the Henriette Roland-Holst Prize for De Grensganger, reis langs de ruïnes van het IJzeren Gordijn (Border Walker: Travels along the ruins of the Iron Curtain).


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  • Winternachten 2016 – Friday Night Unlimited

    The Text of my Life: Johan de Boose

    In Filmhuis Studio A the festival's guest writers present their favourite literary texts and explain why a particular poem, novel excerpt, or song lyric influenced their life and work. Which memory, what feeling does this text call up for them? A continuous interview programme, in which the audience also talks with the writers. Hosted by Arjan Peters. In Dutch

  • Winternachten 2016 – Friday Night Unlimited

    It's the War, Stupid!

    How do extreme circumstances turn normal people into monsters capable of heinous crimes? In her book They Wouldn't Hurt a Fly, Slavenka Drakulić looked into the background of Yugoslavian war criminals to find reasons for their later misdeeds. Frank Westerman experienced these crimes up close. This year, his Balkan reports were published in De slag om Srebrenica (The Battle for Srebrenica). And what about us: how do we deal with atrocities perpetrated by earlier generations? The writers discuss this subject under the guidance of Johan de Boose. In English

    This event replaces "It's the System, Stupid," which was cancelled since Tariq Ali is unable to attend the festival.