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Jan Pronk

Jan Pronk - foto Dida Mulder
Jan Pronk - foto Dida Mulder

(Scheveningen, NL, 1940) is a socially and societally engaged economist and former minister and MP for the Dutch Labour Party. In a large number of leading positions with international and UN organizations he has shown a strong commitment to peace and to fighting poverty in the world. Pronk was the Minister for Development Cooperation in the cabinets of the Den Uyl, Lubbers III, Kok I and Kok II goverments. At the UN he held position such as the Vice Secretary General of UNCTAD, head of the UN peace mission in Sudan, and chairman of the UN conference on climate change. He is a professor emeritus in the theory and practice of international development of the International Institute of Social Studies. He is also a board member of Writers Unlimited.

(WN 2019)

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  • Winternachten 2019

    Imagine Africa is the Future - International Storytelling Symposium

    With: HemelBesem, Jan Pronk, Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi, Kees Biekart, Lamin Kuyateh, Otieno Ong'ayo

    Africa is often in the news with regard to wars, drought, famine, poverty and migration to Europe, as we see in the images of boating tragedies in the Mediterranean. But even though many problems remain to be solved, Africa is going through a process of socio-economic transformation. 'Africa is the Future' is more than just a slogan on a T-shirt. During this storytelling symposium organized in collaboration with the International Institute of Social Studies, academics, writers, poets and politicians from Africa and Europe speak to and with the public. They shared their stories and ideas about the future from and about the African continent, interspersed by muscial performances by Lamin Kuyateh. English spoken.