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Jan Lauwereyns

Jan Lauwereyns -  foto Keke Keukelaar
Jan Lauwereyns -  foto Keke Keukelaar

(Antwerp, 1969) taught neuropsychology at institutes in the United States and New Zealand. Right now he teaches at the Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences in Fukuoka, Japan. He is editor of the literary magazine DWB. He made his debut witht Nagelaten sonnetten (Posthumous sonnets, Manteau, 1999), which was nominated for the C. Buddingh' Prize. It was followed by Blanke verzen (Blank verse), Buigzaamheden (Pliabilities), which was awarded the Hugues C. Pernath Prize, Tegenvoetig, tweebenig (Anti-podal, Two-legged), Anophelia! De mug leeft (Anophelia! The ant's alive) and Vloeistof en welvaart (Liquid and Welfare). With respectively Leo Vroman and Arnoud van Adrichem Lauwereyns made the collections of poetry Zwelgen wij denkend rond (Revelling while thinking) and Stemvork (Tuning fork). In addition he wrote the novel Monkey business. Splash, nominated for the Flemish Culture Prize (Splash. Lyric suite on biology, ritual and poetry), and the Poems' Day essay De smaak van het geluid van het hart (The taste of the sound of the heart). Lauwereyns' collection Hemelsblauw (Heavenly blue, Bezige Bij, 2011) deserves a VSB nomination due to the 'passion and commitment with the world and its peculiarities'.

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  • Winternachten 2012 – Winternacht 2

    Shortlist VSB Poetry Prize

    Days before the announcement of the winner of the VSB Poetry Award, the five nominees read at the festival. Peter Ghyssaert, Jan Lauwereyns, Willem Jan Otten, Erik Spinoy and Anne Vegter will recite their work. The VSB Poetry Award is being organised by our colleagues from Poetry International in Rotterdam. In Dutch.