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James Cummins

Jim Cummins - foto Jenyi Wu
Jim Cummins - foto Jenyi Wu

is a professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto where he works on language learning and literacy development of learners of English as an additional language. Cummins studied psychology at the National University of Ireland. He received his degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta in 1974. He targets teachers to think in new ways about their students whose first language is other than English or French. He shows how to use students' own languages as an asset in the classroom in order to enhance home-school connections and overall literacy development. Jim Cummins has written and presented many works on second language learning and leteracy development.

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  • World Speakers 21 november '06

    Living Apart Together - Education and multiculturalism in The Netherlands

    With: Fouad Laroui, Frank Martinus Arion, James Cummins, Louk de la Rive Box

    The second in a series of three panel discussions on the future of a multicultural Dutch society. The Dutch educational situation will be the topic of this evening's discussion. The Dutch education system is starting to experience problems brought about by changing population dynamics. Is the current situation of education in the Netherlands sufficiently geared to our multicultural future? Writer and educational reformer Frank Martinus Arion (Curaçao), professor Jim Cummins (Canada), renowned for his studies in minority education, and professor in International Cooperation Louk de la Rive Box (The Netherlands) search for three commandments for successful education in a Dutch future multicultural society. The moderator of this evening is Dutch/Moroccan writer Fouad Laroui. The panel discussion is in English.

    The World Speakers series brings together prominent minds from the worlds of science and art. It is jointly organized by the Institute of Social Studies and Winternachten.

    Tickets: Korzo theater, Prinsestraat 21, Den Haag - 070 3637540 -