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Jaap Blonk

Jaap Blonk tijdens Winternachten 2003 - foto Serge Ligtenberg
Jaap Blonk tijdens Winternachten 2003 - foto Serge Ligtenberg

(1953, NL Woerden) is a composer, performer and poet. He studied mathematics and musicology but didn't finish his studies. Instead he played the saxophone and started composing. In recitals of poetry and later in improvisations and pieces of his own, he developed his genius as a voice performer. In 2000 he started working with electronics. First on the basis of samples of his own voice, later with pure sound synthesis. Some five years ago, from a renewed interest in mathematics, he started doing research into the possibilities of algorhythmic compositions for the creation of music, visual animation and poetry. As a vocalist Jaap Blonk is unique because of his presence on the stage and his frank improvisations, combined with a sharp sense of structure. He has performed worldwide and worked with many musicians in contemporary and improvised music. Recordings appeared on Staalplaat, Lopl.op, Basta, VICTO and Monotype. His own record label Kontrans has released 17 titles so far.

(WU 2013 GR)

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  • Winternachten 2013 – Winternacht 2 - schrijvers, muziek en film op vijf podia

    The Third Chamber of Parliament

    Third Chamber chair Ruben Maes invites you to debate, interrupt, and introduce amendments. Bring true democracy closer. Even if it is just for one evening. Five guests will spark off the debate: philosopher Maxim Februari opens with a column on the notion of citizen. Then cultural historian Thomas von der Dunk, journalist Paul van der Gaag and writers Christine Otten and David Van Reybrouck enter into a discussion with you, the audience. In Dutch.

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    The social and political implications of the new media and the world wide web have both been extensively praised as well as severely criticised. But one important promise keeps recurring: that of democratisation. The 20th century has seen a succession of optimistic and open media. And all of them, from the telegraph to the telephone and beyond, ended up being closed and controlled industries. A discussion about the hopes and dreams of changing the world, of moving people and the (im)possibilities that the Internet provides in achieving this goal. Including a performance of composer, performer and poet Jaap Blonk. In English.

  • Winternachten 2003

    My National Anthem

    With: Christine Otten, Geert van Istendael, Gibi Bacilio, Jaap Blonk, Kader Abdolah, Michaël Zeeman, Theodor Holman

    Holland is no longer the country it used to be. Are we ready for a new national anthem? Six writers and poets from The Netherlands and abroad present their personal alternative on this afternoon.

    Writer/commentator Theodor Holman, Gibi Bacilio from Curaçao, writer and rap-poet Christine Otten, Kader Abdolah and the Flemish writer Geert van Istendael sang their new national anthems for our country. Michaël Zeeman talked to the writers and poets in an effort to reinvent the nation. Dutch spoken.

    On this page, you can listen to the sound recordings.