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Ito Tromp

Ito Tromp - foto Gina Jie-Sam-Foek
Ito Tromp - foto Gina Jie-Sam-Foek

was born and raised on Aruba and grew up in the neighbourhood of Companashi. In 1958 he entered the government service and worked for various departments, such as the Instituto di Cultural as head of Culture and Education. In the last few years of his career he worked at the audiovisual department of the Biblioteca Nacional Aruba. In 1963 Ito left for Puerto Rico for two years studying political science, specializing in public administration.

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  • Antillen/Aruba 2007

    Crusa Lama - Aruba

    With: Ernesto Rosenstand, Frank Williams, Gabeba Baderoon, Hubert Booi, Ito Tromp, Izaline Calister, Jit Narain, Nukila Amal, Ramsey Nasr, Roland Colastica

    An evening with storytelling, music and poetry by Gabeba Baderoon from South Africa, Ramsey Nasr from The Netherlands, Jit Narain from Suriname and Nukila Amal from Indonesia. The Aruban writers and storytellers Ernesto Rosenstand and Hubert Booi will be interviewd by Ito Tromp. Another Aruban writer, Frank Williams, will read from his work. The Curaçao/Dutch singer Izaline Calister sings stories put to music from Curaçao and The Netherlands. She will be accompanied by the percussionist Pernell Luciano Saturnino from Curaçao and the Dutch guitarist Edvard Verhoef. Actor and writer Roland Colastica uit Curaçao is the MC of this multifacetted literary evening.