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Hubert Booi

Hubert Booi
Hubert Booi

was born on Bonaire on 25 July 1919 and has lived on Aruba since 1937. After various executive jobs within the Aruban government he headed the Instituto di Cultura. In this position he became an important promotor of the cultural life on the island. He was co-founder of the Aruban art circle and boardmember of the Sociedad Bolivariana. In addition, he has acted on the stage and has written plays, poems and short stories. His religious play Golgotha appreared in 1967 in the Antilliaanse Cahiers; in 1969 he published Muchila. He is especially known for his musicals E Perla di Karibe (1955) and Amor di Kibaima (1969). In addition to these publications and presentarions Hubert Booi is known as a worthy reciter of his own work. E Flamingo di Aruba (2006) contains a fair choice of his literary work.


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  • Antillen/Aruba 2007

    Crusa Lama - Aruba

    With: Ernesto Rosenstand, Frank Williams, Gabeba Baderoon, Hubert Booi, Ito Tromp, Izaline Calister, Jit Narain, Nukila Amal, Ramsey Nasr, Roland Colastica

    An evening with storytelling, music and poetry by Gabeba Baderoon from South Africa, Ramsey Nasr from The Netherlands, Jit Narain from Suriname and Nukila Amal from Indonesia. The Aruban writers and storytellers Ernesto Rosenstand and Hubert Booi will be interviewd by Ito Tromp. Another Aruban writer, Frank Williams, will read from his work. The Curaçao/Dutch singer Izaline Calister sings stories put to music from Curaçao and The Netherlands. She will be accompanied by the percussionist Pernell Luciano Saturnino from Curaçao and the Dutch guitarist Edvard Verhoef. Actor and writer Roland Colastica uit Curaçao is the MC of this multifacetted literary evening.