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Het Verbond Tegen De Liefde

Bert Hana - foto Enith Stenhuys
Bert Hana - foto Enith Stenhuys

Bert Hana (Heerlen) is a theatre maker, host and organiser of theatrical events. The general public know him from tv commercials. He played the frightened boy with the quarterly figures in a Cup a Soup commercial and was a sausage seller in an Unox tv advert. In 2009 he hosted the Uitmarkt programme in Theater Frascati. In 2000 Hana moved from Limburg to Amsterdam, where he took drama, singing and dancing lessons with theatre group De Nieuw Amsterdam. Since then he has played in various theatre productions, films and tv series. Late 2009 Hana won the Fringe Award for his performance Papadag (Daddy Day) a 'slide show' where dad Bert Hana reports on his holiday with his daughter of six.


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  • Winternachten 2010 – Winternachten 1

    Wintercafé 4: Rules for Radicals 2.0

    Nowadays, where does an angry artist leave his rage and criticism? In 'Rules for Radicals' we search for a pragmatic manual for the making of harmful literature, street noise and bombs for the national canon. Which are the new strategies for today's artists? In this programme we propose a new form of radicalism. The artist should penetrate the system as a sheep in wolves' clothes in order to eat the codes and replace them with others. No overt opposition, but infiltration. The good example: The Yes Men, with their 'identity correction'. The Yes Men disguise themselves as big criminals with the objective to humiliate them publicly. And who are these criminals? CEOs and representatives of big companies who put profit above everything else. In Dutch. See also the movie that is shown in advance of this programme: The Yes Men Fix the World. In English (Dutch subtitles).