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Henk Oosterling

Henk Oosterling
Henk Oosterling

(1952) teaches dialectic philosophy, French philosophy of differences, intercultural philosophy and philosophy of arts in the Faculty of Philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Oosterling plays an active role in the city of Rotterdam. He is initiator and operational director of 'Rotterdam Skillcity', a bottom up research model for urban revitalisation and renovation, focused on the specific social-cultural and socio-economic situation of Rotterdam. In 2008, Oosterling received the 'Laurenspenning' and the 'Lof der Zotheid seld' in 2016, for his important role in and contribution to social and cultural life in Rotterdam. For his oeuvre he received the 'Van Praag Prijs' in 2013, and the Tibetan Shambhala buddists gave him the Enlightened Society Award. In 2016 his book Waar geen wil is, is een weg (Where there is no will there is a way', on the differences between Western and Eastern philosophy.


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  • Wat is er mis met de elite?

    What's wrong with the elite?

    With: Elles de Bruin, Henk Oosterling, Paul Frissen, Tommy Wieringa

    In these times of rising populisme, 'post-truth' and 'alternative facts' the elite has a hard time. The political, academic, cultural and financial elites have lost trust from the ordinary citizens. How and when did it go wrong? And can the trust be restored? What are do's and don'ts for the elite? With writers Tommy Wieringa, professor of public administration Paul Frissen, philosopher Henk Oosterling and host Elles de Bruin. In Dutch.

    A programme made by Liliane Waanders (Writers Unlimited). Bookselling by Van Stockum Boekverkopers.