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Hans Meijer

(1961) studied history at the University of Groningen and received his Ph. D. from the department of the history of international relations at the University of Utrecht with a thesis on Dutch-Indonesian relations between 1950-1962. Since 1996 he has been a postdoctoral researcher of the history of the Dutch in the Dutch East Indies/Indonesia in the 20th century. He has worked for various agencies in the field of repatriation and veteran care. At the moment he is finishing a publication on the Indo-European community in the Dutch East Indies/Indonesia in the 20th century. Within the research programme From the Dutch East Indies to Indonesia he is responsible for the research into 'Backpay in an international perspective' carried out by the University of Utrecht.

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  • Winternachten 2007 – Van Indië tot Indonesië

    Financial perkaras

    Host Paul van der Gaag talked to historians Hans Meijer and Peter Keppy about their research into administrative decisions on arrears in civil servants' salaries, material war damage and rehabilitation. On the struggle of the Dutch government and the Indian Dutch with the financial heritage of the war in the Dutch East-Indies. Is the Dutch government in default?