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Hanna Bervoets

Hanna Bervoets - foto Marie-Jeanne van Hövell tot Westerflier
Hanna Bervoets - foto Marie-Jeanne van Hövell tot Westerflier

(Amsterdam, NL, 1984) writes novels, columns, scripts and journalism. Between 2009 and 2015 she wrote a regular column in Volkskrant magazine; these pieces were republished in three volumes. Bervoets was named debutante of the year upon the 2009 publication of Of hoe waaroom (Or How Why). Her second novel from 2011, Lieve Céline (Dear Céline) was filmed and won the Opzij Literature Prize. In 2016's Ivanov she mixes the true story of an early 20th century Moscow scientist with scenes of New York in 1994, in which a young woman is obsessed by the latter's experiements. Subjects emerge in passing, such as the influence of culture on ethics. In 2016 Bervoets also contributed to Vrouwen schrijven niet met hun tieten (Women Don't Write with their Tits), a compilation on the "new feminism." In 2017, she was awarded with the Frank Kellendonk Prize.


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  • Winternachten 2017 – Saturday Night Unlimited

    My Secret City

    Can the secrets of a city — a collection of microcosms, a collection of past and layered histories — ever be completely and commonly uncovered? The festival asked seven authors to write about their own "secret" cities. Not the city that they see when they walk out the door and onto the street, but the city that they occasionally and unexpectedly come across. Participants read in their own language, with English and Dutch translations projected simultaneously.

  • Winternachten 2017 – Friday Night Unlimited

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    "The world is a story we tell ourselves about the world," according to Indian writer Vikram Chandra. Hanna Bervoets used the quote as a motto for her novel Efter, in which she investigates the fairy tales we tell ourselves and others to come to grips with our surroundings. Because we do tell one another fairy tales: about how the world appears, but also about how we ourselves appear. On Facebook, Instagram and vlogs we show our best side: photos are Photoshopped or simply "not allowed on timeline." Thus the world is not only a story we tell ourselves about the world, but also a story we tell the world about ourselves. With Hanna Bervoets, Salena Godden and others.

  • Winternachten 2017 – Friday Night Unlimited

    Winternachten lecture: Fiction in Fake Times

    What is real, what is fake? And yet it's the fabrications that can provide insight into the world in which we live. The Anglo-Dutch Michel Faber, who kicks off the evening with the Winternachten Lecture about reality and fantasy, creates a future world in his novels, just like Dutch writer Hanna Bervoets. Czech economist TomᚠSedláček sees parallels between economics and old myths, and Mircea Cărtărescu, also a translator of Bob Dylan lyrics, filled his trilogy about Communist Romania with mythical escapes from reality. Moderator: Lex Bohlmeijer.