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Hafid Bouazza

1970) made his debut with De voeten van Abdullah. He writes novellas, short stories and drama. He also composes classical music, and uses the music to improve his writing technique. 'Memories are fleeting. I have the need to grab them, record them. Islam is my stories always present in bizarre forms: the weird imam, the absurd laws. In reality Islam is clear enough to govern the whole life.' (Weekend Knack, 06.19.1996). Recent work: Momo (1998), Apollien (1998, drama), Schoon in elk oog is wat het bemint, de mooiste klassieke Arabische liefdesgedichten (Beauty is in each loving eye, de best Arabic love poems).).
From: Schrijversnet, 2001

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  • Winternachten 2000 – Winternacht 2

    Poetry and Displacement

    Wat will happen to you when you arrive in culture that is not your own? Hafid Bouazza, Judith Herzberg, Hugo Pos and Leo Vroman read their favourite poems on the theme of cultural displacement. 84-years old Dutch poet Leo Vroman took part by a live video-connection with the United States. Hosted by Michiel van Kempen. Dutch spoken.