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Guiselle Martha

Guiselle Martha
Guiselle Martha

(1978) was born on Curaçao and migrated to the Netherlands in 1999. As a postdoctoral researcher, she areas of interest were identity, transnationalism and belonging. She studied Latin-American LIterature at Leiden University and obtained her PhD at the Radboud University Nijmegen (Cultural Studies) on the transnational identity of the people of Curaçao as expressed in contemporary music. Guiselle approaches these subjects not only from a academical perspective but assumes, as co-founder of Tipiko Den Haag, an active role as director and actress, among others. Guiselle likes writing short stories for a.o. the Caribbean Studies Association. Together with Julian Starink she wrote various stage plays and made the short film Seú / de oogst. In the play De wedstrijd van Koning Shon Arei Guiselle can be seen as narrator of stories about the spider Kompa Nanzi.

(WN 2020)

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  • Winternachten 2020

    A Free Mind, Caribbean Style!

    With: Guiselle Martha, Junadry Leocaria, Tipiko Den Haag, Vany Hooi, Walter Palm

    In the Ypenburg Public Library, we take you on a journey through music, dance and poetry from the Caribbean. A program to whirl you away, plus food for contemplation. The Curacaoan poets and thinkers Walter Palm and Guiselle Martha will appear; the band Tipiko Den Haag lets you experience just how addictive Caribbean rhythms are; and dancers such as Junadry Leocaria invite you onto the dance floor!

    The theme of this edition of the Winternachten Festival is A Free Mind. Programme maker Julian Starink: "But what does that actually mean? Just how free are our thoughts? What can we learn from the Caribbean region?"

    Via poems and spoken-word, Walter Palm and Guiselle Martha will introduce you to a region in which cultures have come into contact - both voluntarily and involuntarily. You'll be swept up in the incredible diversity of musical styles from Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, as played by Tipiko Den Haag. And Junadry Leocaria will show you that music isn't only meant to be listened to: the dance floor will beckon!