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Guineta de Palm

Guineta de Palm - foto Richard Scoop
Guineta de Palm - foto Richard Scoop

(Curacao, 1966) After having studied and worked in The Netherlands for 14 years, Guineta de Palm returned to Curaçao in 2004. Originally a social worker by profession, she decided to start her own business in order to be able to spend more time on her other profession, that of storyteller. She tells stories that she has written herself, as well as existing stories. She regularly performed as 'Gini the Clown' for groups of children; she tells stories and plays all kinds of games with them. Since November 2009, she has presented a radio program on Z68 every Saturday morning: 'Mei ora chikitu ku Gini ('Little Half Hour with Gini'). Her company Creativity for Children and with Children -Consultative Office - stands for activities that are original, educational and innovative, so that children can get the space to express themselves and have fun doing so. Besides that, Guineta writes educational activity plans, organizes all types of events and can make sure that there is entertainment during events. Storytelling is her great passion. That gives her energy, through it she learns to better understand herself and her community.

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