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Guillaume Pool

Guillaume Paul
Guillaume Paul

(Paramaribo, 1930) went to the Netherlands in 1964 and settled in Groningen. Up until 1995 he worked as an analyst for the Chemical Laboratory of the university. In 1990 he began to write poems and gave gave recitals of poems and stories. He has his own theater for this, called De Vertelplantage (Story plantation) in his hometown Haren. The following collections of his poetry have been published: Timba (1990), Op de vluchtheuvel kwam ik je tegen (I met you on the traffic island) (1995) and De termieten van Tilifo (The termites of Tilifo) (1998). He wrote the plays Het Proces (The process) and Kuduntu, both of which were performed during a staged reading at the festival 'Hollandse nieuwe' in the Cosmic Theater in Amsterdam.
WIN 2003

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  • Suriname 2004

    Writers debates

    With: Brigitte Brown, Cynthia Mc Leod, EKM Dido, Farah L, Gibi Bacilio, Guillaume Pool, Guyz Nextdoor, Ismene Krishnadath, Jit Narain, Ronald Giphart, Sombra, Verginia Ceder, Willie Alberga

    An evening's debating, readings and music. Various topics are debated, such as: which language should the writer choose? His or her mother tongue or the language of the largest reading public? Does the writer write for a specific group of readers? What is the role of the writers own cultural background, while writing within a multi cultural society? The debating panel consists of: Jit Narain, Guillaume Pool, Arlette Codfried, Ismene Krishnadath, Cynthia McLeod, Sombra, EKM Dido (South Africa) Sitok Srengenge (Indonesia), Gibi Bacilio (Curaçao), Ronald Giphart (The Netherlands) and panel leader Willie Alberga.
    Readings by Brigitte Brown and Virginia Alvarez and presented by Sombra.