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Fenno Werkman

Fenno Werkman - foto Frank Jansen
Fenno Werkman - foto Frank Jansen

(The Hague, 1956) is solely responsible for saving a treasure trove of images: filmmakers, musicians and TV producers from around the world knock on his doors to see their own histories. Starting out as a pop-music photographer with a preference for The Beatles, he soon discovered that broadcasters and other media companies treated historic material quite sloppily. Soon his collection was literally overflowing his house. It now encompasses a dizzying 1.5 million films and at least 300,000 videotapes. As an image researcher, Werkman delivers a lot of unique imagery, including for Dutch TV programs such as Nacht van de Popmuziek (Night of Pop Music) and Top 2000 with Matthijs van Nieuwskerk and Leo Blokhuis.

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  • Winternachten 2018 – Saturday Night Unlimited

    Batman Nation

    Time after time, superhero(in)es save the world. Strangely enough, they aren't always thanked for it. The dutiful bad guy and the people remain dissatisfied. Especially Batman keeps having a hard time.

    Batman is special among superheroes because, other than a lot of money, he has no real superpowers. Depending on what the writers, cartoonists or film directors come up with, Batman seems to sometimes ruffle the feathers of the Gotham citizens. And he also regularly gets in his own way. In this wonderful Batman-program, our hero is figuratively lying on the sofa.

    Fenno Werkman, famed collector of music and imagery, screens appropriate fragments from his enormous film archive. For Winternachten festival, he opens his treasure trove of Dark Knight-materials.

    And heads up, there's something to be won: comic-strip artist Romano Molenaar will create a special Batman drawing for the festival, which goes to the winner of the Speed-Batman-Quiz at the end of the program.