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Felix Rottenberg

Felix Rottenberg - foto Felix Rottenberg
Felix Rottenberg - foto Felix Rottenberg

(Amsterdam, 1957) is chairman of LIRA, a Dutch collective management organization (CMO) for (screen)writers, translators and freelance journalists. He also chairs the Amsterdam Kunstraad, a permanent and independent advisory body of the Amsterdam City Council as well as Nieuw Genootschap van Nederlandse Componisten (New Association of Dutch Composers, Nieuw Geneco). He founded and was director of political and cultural debate centre de Balie in Amsterdam and was chairman of Dutch political party Partij van de Arbeid.

(WU 2017)

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  • Winternachten 2017 – Friday Night Unlimited

    Might is Always Right - Lessons from House of Cards

    While the United States welcome their new president, the festival is investigating another one: Frank Underwood, star of House of Cards. Philosopher Tom Dommisse wrote an article that is the basis for a discussion between The Hague Filmhuis programmer Gerlinda Heywegen and Felix Rottenberg, touching on fragments from the series. How are politics presented in the Netflix hit series and what image of themselves do real-life Underwoods create? And what is the imact of all this on how we think about politics?
    Felix Rottenberg is a director, moderator, chair of the academic bureau of the PvdA labour party, and writer of a weekly column in Het Parool newspaper.