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Favell Maduro

Favell Maduro - foto Favelle Johannes
Favell Maduro - foto Favelle Johannes

As a journalist, Favell Maduro has reported in Europe and Latin America. Currently he is active in the Caribbean. In The Netherlands he put his efforts into helping Antilleans write and tell more about their past. The radio rubrics Un palabra kla and Makambiá are examples of this. Maduro coordinated these for years. Favell Maduro re-emigrated to his native island of Curaçao after living in The Netherlands for nearly 30 years. As a freelance reporter and presenter, he works for various media. Because of his love for literature, history and culture, he has interviewed several authors during his career. His interest in the development of the human being causes him to be engaged as an intervention assistant, in addition to his work as a journalist. He guides young people in their development toward adulthood.

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