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Fafiri Brothers

Fafiri Brothers
Fafiri Brothers

are an acoustic ensemble, consisting of gitarist and orchestrator Jozef Ullah, percussionist Master Bongo Charley, composer and vocalist Hugo Landolf and the 'multi-artist' Harvey Fräser. This group is an example of what you can achieve with very little means and without making any artistic consessions. The Fafiri Brothers play alternative music. The texts are about spiritual theme's.

(WIN 2004)

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  • Suriname 2004

    1001 identities - opening night

    With: Arlette Codfried, Cynthia Mc Leod, Dansgroep Tandava, Denise Jannah, EKM Dido, Fafiri Brothers, Frits Wols, Gibi Bacilio, Joke van Leeuwen, Rappa, Ronald Giphart, Sitok Srengenge

    The first night of the festival in Paramaribo offers a diverse program. Writers from five countries read from their novels and poetry. Hosted and presented by Arlette Codfried they talk about their own country and how people from different cultures live together there. Denise Jannah sings poems chosen from poets that represent the five different countries participating in this ffestival, amongst others from the winner of the State literature prize Orlando Emanuels. Cynthia McLeod, Rappa, Surianto and Frits Wols perform together with their foreign colleague writers Gibi Bacilio (Curaçao), EKM Dido (South Africa), Ronald Giphart (The Netherlands), Joke van Leeuwen (The Netherlands) and Sitok Srengenge (Indonesia). The dance group Tandava dances poems from Slory and Shrinivasi. The Fafiri Brothers will provide further musical accompaniment.